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A small town girl with big girl dreams, I am Emma Hicks. I am a wife to Spencer and blessed to be a mama to our three healthy children (ages 7, 4, & 1). Welcome to mainandsecond.com!

Main + Second is centered around finding beauty in the worn + torn and inspiring others to be bold, brave, and have a little faith.

It got it’s name from a fond intersection to me in small town Iowa. Sitting on the corner of Main + Second in Calamus, IA is Steffens’ Tap. A family owned “hole in the wall” since 1951, my mom is third generation owner of this quaint bar & grill. Locals gather daily here for their morning coffee, homestyle lunches, & ice cold beer. I spent much of my childhood here pouring coffee, flipping burgers, and counting back change. Many of the tactics I’ve learned here over the years have carried on and I find useful in my ventures now. I owe all the credit of my entrepenuer love affair to this tavern.

From picking barns to hosting events to connecting other entrepreneurs, I want to do it all! I am an avid dreamer, and building successful small businesses is a passion of mine. I have recently found a true passion for event coordinating and have turned this into an income producing business. With two gatherings currently under my belt, I envision hosting various gatherings across the state of Iowa at different unique venues. To stay up to date, visit www.iowagathering.com. Being a mom comes first, but on top of coordinating events I am also a picker. I have been picking the Midwest for steady cashflow since the age of 19. After seven years of dedication and commitment in the picking industry, Spencer and I were approached and shot a pilot for a national  network called “Small Town, Big Pick” this past Summer. We enjoy staying busy and doing this journey through life together. Growth comes with risk and risk is bold, but we wouldn’t be where we are today if we would have stayed inside our comfort zones. Be bold. Be strong. Be you.

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photos by: Iron and Lace Photo
photos by: Mari Trancoso

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