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Farmhouse Renovation: Right On Budget | Main & Second

Projected budget: $175,000

Home’s total square footage gutted + renovated: 1900 sq. feet + a 3 stall garage

This included everything from a new septic system, to a 10×20′ back deck using the best composite there is, to new siding, and a new roof on the home and existing 3 stall garage….. And the list goes on and on! Basically a new construction home with some 1900 bones and a 30 year old poured foundation.

Grand Total Spent: $177,500

My best advice to staying on budget is to factor in every last penny your project could potentially cost… Right down to the dumpster and porter potty.  Expect the worst case scenario so there are no surprises along the way. And maybe add in a $2k “surprise attacks budget”… for example, when your husband breaks out the glass in a brand new window! 😉 If the budget is looking tight, I would try and see what you can live without for awhile rather than go cheap on things. Quality is important to us anyway.

. . . . . .

Biggest splurge: Hardwood flooring. I originally had it budgeted to spend no more than $5.00/sq foot and ended up spending $7.75/sq foot for ours. Considering the amount of space we covered with hardwoods, it did add up fast. I forfeited having hardwood stairs & a runner for a carpeted stairway.

Money well spent: Spray foam insulation. Not only are we saving on our energy bill, but it has made the house more structural sound as well.

Best Deal: My brand new $500 freestanding Fleurco bath tub (originally $2600). I must add too, it was a fun road trip into Illinois to pick it up with my husband 🙂 CRAIGSLIST FIND!

Biggest Obstacle: Finding a solution to providing more structure to the home where we took out part of the second story. Before we added the wooden 2×6 boards, the walls were literally swaying back and forth with the push of 2 hands. With our carpenter’s expertise, he recommended adding these boards evenly space through the entire family room. We have had no issues since. This was the most cost effective solution.

I am thrilled with the final outcome! It took countless hours of dedication and lots of self motivation. To have finished this project though feels AMAZING! It was worth the stress, headaches, and sleepless nights and we’re ready to enjoy it now… for years to come!!

. . . . . .

A huge thanks to the following contractors who made this #35thavefarmhouse project possible:

  • Superior Plumbing- Eldridge, IA
  • Hoffmann Electric- Dixon, IA
  • Steines Construction- Calamus, IA (framing, structure, deck, porch, addition)
  • Joey Licht Roofing- Donahue, IA
  • Spanhut Construction- Mediapolis, IA (finish work)
  • Precision Air- Eldridge, IA
  • Cabinets Exact- LeClaire, IA
  • Oetzmann Builders- Long Grove, IA (siding)
  • Barron Overhead Doors- Davenport, IA
  • Van Pelt Drywall- Donahue, IA
  • Tony Fields Flooring- Walcott, IA
  • Total Septic Service- Calamus, IA

We would recommend all of these contractors time and time again to anyone in the area!

. . . . . .

The main living area’s current state. Real life right here, friends! This is what a photo shoot in my dining area looks like.

On the search for 10 chairs for our 10′ harvest table. Holler if you see any that would be a good fit. I have my eye on some at Target currently, but 10 chairs adds up!!

. . . . . .

We are all very anxious for Spring! I am ready to focus now on the outside; get our garden planted, landscape some existing flower beds, do some upkeep on the outbuildings, and enjoy the outdoors with our little ones.

Planning to get blogs made room by room of in depth design + decorating choices. What transformation would you like to see first? Master suite? Office? Kitchen/pantry? Entryway? Kids’ rooms? You give me input, and I will knock it to the top of my to-do list!

Have a good weekend!

From The Founder,

Emma Hicks


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