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3 Ways To Justify a “Staycation” At Hotel Blackhawk | Main & Second
  1. Less travel = More downtime to enjoy. When time is precious and time together is too far and few between, choosing a destination close to home is smart; less time spent on the road and more uninterrupted time together! Because at the end of the day, it isn’t about the elaborate destination but simply the company of each other somewhere that you feel at home.
  2. Everything you could ever want is at this hotel. Hotel Blackhawk is situated in the heart of Downtown Davenport. Within walking distance are some fantastic eateries and a whole slew of bars. The best part about this specific autograph collection hotel though is that there is no need to leave. With a bowling alley and martini bar in the basement, a spa, coffee shop, and a delicious on-site restaurant all situated on the main level, you will fall in love with the character, amenities, and service this hotel has. The employees all do a great job catering to your needs and making you feel special during your stay!
  3. Support your local community. There is nothing that makes me happier than a thriving downtown/community. Watching people pour their energy into a vision and physically seeing the good that comes out of their hard work is so motivating. I think Downtown Davenport specifically has a lot to be proud of. With this incredible hotel, plus the brand new sister hotel, The Current Hotel, as well as a few top notch bars & restaurants that are finding great success in their brand, this downtown is gaining a fresh new life! That’s encouraging and should motivate us all to “staycation” close to home in order to keep this area growing and thriving!

. . . . . .

Hotel Blackhawk Direct: (563)322-5000

Hotel Blackhawk Location: 200 East 3rd Street, Davenport IA

Give the experience rather than the gift this Christmas!

This Holiday season is the perfect chance to sneak away for a night and unwind for an evening at Hotel Blackhawk. Enjoy a refreshing drink at the Bix Bistro, stay for a delicious dinner, then wander downstairs for after dinner dessert martinis and a game of bowling! Schedule a relaxing facial or massage at the spa. Leave Hotel Blackhawk feeling refreshed and revived.

Let me know if you end up taking my advice! I would love to hear all about it!






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