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Our Pilot Airs Tonight on National Network!

Our Pilot Airs Tonight on National Network!

Let’s just take a little walk down memory lane. This process to land a pilot has NOT been a quick one!

Good things take time, isn’t that what they say? I want to give you all a visual of what this timeline has looked like (excuse me while I go pour another cup of coffee) :


  • Pie Town Productions spotted Kay Boyer (The Shop Kalona) and I at Vintage & Made Fair. They approached us and asked if we would want to guest star on West End Salvage. Umm, Y E S please! Sounded like a riot to road trip to Des Moines with my girl Kay (kidless!)!!  I remember e-mailing the producer, “so do WE do our own make-up or is there someone there to glam us up??” Guys, they do NOT have a glam trailer parked out back for the guest stars (dying laughing!!).


  • APRIL: West End Salvage show aired that we guest starred on.
  • MID YEAR: Pie Town Productions apparently REALLY liked us! We got approached with an even bigger opportunity: have a camera crew fly out from LA and film a sizzle (5 minute video of us in action to present to HGTV Network). Again, we said YES! This also included the other two owners of The Shop Kalona, Kate & Karen. Prepping for something like this was comparable to preparing for the arrival of a first born child… You have NO idea what to expect, but want everything to go  P E R F E C T. Talk about nerve wracking!! We all four executed SO well though and brought our A game to the table. We gave it our all (and then some) and were optimistic for whatever the future held! Fast forward a few months and our production company called. We had all been anxiously awaiting this phone call for WEEKS! News just in: the network LOVED us, BUT without the male dynamic in the picture they were afraid to pursue. FUN FACT: HGTV is actually viewed more by men than women! Did you suspect that?! We didn’t!
  • OCTOBER: Anticipating the arrival of child no. 3, the 3 hour round trip commute starting to ware on me, and just feeling stretched too thin, I made the decision to step out of 1/4 owner of The Shop Kalona. Those women were AMAZING to work with and could not think of anyone else to do a partnership but with them! Partnerships typically ARE NOT for me (learned this COUNTLESS times), but with the unique dynamic of those incredible girls, I genuinely enjoyed and felt extremely humbled by the opportunity to be a part of The Shop for a short time!


  • MARCH: Pie Town Productions e-mailed me. “What’s new?!” they asked. “Well, we are expecting baby no. 3 next month, bought a fixer upper farmhouse back home and are moving back right after baby arrives (2 hour move) to a rental house while we continue working on this fixer upper, and Spencer is going to be transferring to a new territory where he sells John Deere equipment so that could be a rough transition for a few months. OH, and I still have my storefront up here in Cedar Falls. I am going to try and have 3 kids, move, and still keep the shop!” (laughing at myself. OMG!) Their response went something like this: “Wow very cool! Well we will follow up sometime after baby arrives. Congrats!”
  • JULY: Still no word yet from production company. I felt like life had calmed down a bit (closed Cedar Falls shop, had baby, made the move, house was coming along, and Spencer was doing well with the new territory) so I sent an e-mail just checking in! Let’s be for real, the anticipation was killing me inside and it took me everything I had not to reach out sooner to “check in!” The e-mail back clarified everything. Spencer and I were being sought out by HGTV Network and they wanted to film our family picking the Midwest, repurposing, and selling at markets and to clients. Again, YES! We don’t turn down opportunities that arise. We both have a bit of entrepreneur blood in us where we are always looking for the next “project.” Well, this is a
  • project alright. After a couple Skype interviews with production we got word that we would film a sizzle (here we are again!) for the network in January 2017.


  • JANUARY: Filmed sizzle (freezing by the way!)
  • SPRING: Got word that they wanted to film a PILOT!
  • SUMMER: The film crew came out 2 different times for consecutive days to get all of the footage for the pilot! From the outside, it might look like the dream gig, but I rest assure you, filming is some of the most exhausting/hardest work I have done. The prep work we did for filming alone was very intense. I am a YES kind of girl. When they ask if we can turn our hay loft into our workshop, I say yes. MAN, I didn’t realize exactly what I signed us (Spencer mainly, what a saint) up for! WOW. Cleaning out entire barn of hay out with a shovel… that was intense. No complaints for this opportunity though!

So, four years later and here we are!!

As we gear up for the airing of the episode tonight, I am extremely humbled with this community’s support and the love it shows! If we DO in fact land a season for “Small Town, Big Pick”, I will be most excited about the opportunity to capture the beauty of the Midwest (Eastern Iowa specifically) on camera to national television, work side by side my husband (and kids), and bring excitement back into small towns and rural areas. Cheers to small town revival, bringing back second life to lost treasures, and YOUR loving support!



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