A Croqueta is delicious gourmet bite from our grandmas Vintage recipe! With a eco-friendly statement. Our croquetas have a crunchy outside and creamy inside, perfect little bites of delicatessen heaven.

Croquetas Vigar are not only filled with a creamy béchamel sauce, bacon, chorizo, beef, chicken, apple & cinnamon of the finest ingredients we can find, but are also filled with love and a huge amount of passion. Made by hand in London.

We are a passionate team crazy about Croquetas and Food revolution. Our granny Vigar gave us the recipe of her famous classic Croquetas! We decided that the world will be a better place if everyone could taste at least once our little delicatessen bites. We brought the recipe all the way from Malaga -Spain to Paris and finally to London with love.

The challenge started when we realized they are addicting to eat and playing with the flavours, not only to ourselves but friends - demands became more so and for new flavors, so we decided to take on our family name Vigar, and here we now have Croquetas Vigar!


They contain NO preservatives or artificial flavoring whatsoever. Croquetas Vigar are suitable for vegetarians or chorizo crazy addicts.


* Other special requirements such as lactose free or organic can be catered for with adequate notice. We also cater for mini sized cocktail parties or receptions.

Bespoke Catering

Having a party ? Entertaining clients? Celebrating special occasion or just feeling super hungry? Craving for a gourmet bite? We can cater for you! Whether it is a special dinner, business lunch, afternoon tea or a party.


Ana Puchades Vigar is an expert in fashion and trend forecaster who always loved to cook to relax and also cater to friends at parties. She has lived in the most important capital of Europe and traveled all over the world. A fanatic of creativity inspired by multiculturalism and music, but also a crazy food hunter who decided that everyone needed to eat croquetas once... but real ones! After traveling everywhere with her granny's croquetas, she decided to learn the recipe and decided to bring croquetas to the world starting with London! This trilingual entrepreneur is ready for you to taste the best croquetas you had ever had! Ready to take the croquetas challenge?

Food Revolution

At Croquetas Vigar we are extremely conscientious about this world and its nature. We want to contribute to make this planet a bit better. Although we can't provide world peace, we like to do our bit. Some of the numbers and research are very scary which we are sure you guys know! Food waste is a major issue as we throw away 7 million tonnes of food and drink from our homes every year. That cost us £12.5bn a year and is very bad for the environment too. This wasting cost average £470 a year rising to £700 for a family with kids. We live in a world where rich countries waste their food and 3rd countries die of starvation. Where there is an over food production in the world and a disastrous distribution. A world where biotechnology and transgenic food are the winners in supermarkets. In Croquetas Vigar we want you to make the most of what you buy and show you how to not waste a single croqueta. Our packaging is 100% recycle and our ingredients organic. We are proud of being part of this Food Revolution XXI century!

Contact Us

If you want us to cater for your: wedding, birthday, new job, baby shower or anything else beside, get in touch. We are happy to discuss all of your needs. We will work with you to create a bespoke menu that will satisfy your appetite and your budget. Get in touch for an informal chat about whatever event you are planning. No obligations ! • Collection from our kitchen in Camden or delivery can be quoted beforehand. • Croquetas cannot be posted as they are fragile. London delivery only unfortunately! • We will be very happy to make bespoke Croquetas, any suggestion or taste desire will be well taken.

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